Squeeze Top Containers Very Popular

by aceman on 11/02/2007


LA Container has been marketing the Squeeze Top Plastic containers for over 2 years.

The PopTop style container has been very popular with the wellness centers in California.  Since the legalization of Medical Marijuana the Philips RX Pop Top Vials have a tremendous market with the California distributors of Medical Marijuana.   We currently offer 4 different sizes from the 13 dram, 19 dram, 30 dram and  60 dram sizes and a selection of  5 colors including clear.  We are currently working on other sizes of the pop top vials.   The small plastic containers are certified to be Child resistant with  an easy open one handed squeeze near the top of the container. The Squeeze Tops also make a great Pharmacy container and are all made with a hinged lid top.  Most of the SqueezeTop Vial  orders are shipped out the same day for next day delivery in Southern California. For more information on our  patented plastic Pop Top containers please see the link below. The hinged lid plastic vials are also available at the online store  www.lacontainerstore.com

Here is a short video by Drew Carey at Reason.tv about medical marijuana.

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