About Us

A bit about Loritz & Associates, Inc.

Loritz & Associates, Inc., dba L&A Plastic and LA Packaging have been in business since 1984. L&A is committed to manufacturing the highest quality plastic containers while maintaining competitive prices with short lead times. 

Our customer base encompasses both large and small companies including many Fortune 500 companies. The markets we serve include electronics, telecommunications, automotive, military, medical, dental, health & beauty products, hobbies, crafts, and promotional items.

L&A designs and manufactures all tools in our states-of-the-art tool making facility in Yorba Linda, California.

We’ll work with you from DESIGN to PRODUCTION.

If you are looking to purchase containers online, you will be redirected to LAContainer.com or LAContainerstore.com. LA Container, Inc. was incorporated in 2005 and is only an internet ordering site. L&A Plastic/LA Packaging and LA Container, Inc. are two separate corporations.

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