Custom Hot Stamping


Custom Hot Stamping

Custom Hot Stamping is a professional product branding option that offers your company a one colored, permanently imprinted image on our plastic containers. Hot Stamping your container is a great option for your packaging as it looks very professional and will not wear off or degrade over time. To get moving on your custom hot stamping order, please review all of the instructions below.


Custom Hot Stamping Ordering Instructions

Step One: Picking Your Plastic Container

After making the decision to have your plastic containers hot stamped you need to decide which container you want. Hot stamping is available for the following container lines:

  • Lacons®
  • Lavials®
  • Nucons™
  • Flex-A-Top®

Container diameters must be between 1 Inch and 2.5 Inches. A full list of our container sizes can be found on and our sales team can offer advise on all container decisions. Please note that a minimum order for hot stamping is approximately 1000 pieces.

Step Two: Your Artwork

Your artwork should be clean, black and white artwork. All greyscale will be converted to bitmap (indexed color). No halftone or screens allowed. Reverses must have copy and lines as large as possible to prevent filling in.

Step Three: Artwork File Formats (In Order Of Preference)

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 All fonts converted to outlines (under the type menu – create outlines with everything selected)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 100% or larger than the final size of finished print size at 600dpi minimum with all text layers rasterized
  • Adobe PDF: Follow Above Guidlines
  • JPG: Must have a minimum 600dpi in black and white
  • Tiff: Must have a minimum 600dpi in black and white
  • BMP: Must have a minimum 600dpi in black and white
  • Inkscape: 0.91 (Free Open Source similar to Illustrator) All text objects converted to paths (Under file menu – object to path)
  • Gimp 2.8 (Free Open Source similar to Photoshop) 600 dpi minimum
  • PDF Export from non standard application (May incur additional charges and/or increase in production time

Please note:

  • Vector is always preferred over Raster
  • Minimum font size of 6pt is required for all text in artwork
  • San Serif style fonts are preferred over Serif fonts

As always, our production team is happy to assist you with any artwork questions you may have.

Step Four: Sizing

Artwork must be the right size in comparison to the size of the plastic container you want as well. A sizing spec sheet can be found below that lays out the exact dimensions for your artwork based on the container diameter you have selected.

  • 1″ Diameter Container = .625″ Printing Area
  • 1.25″ Diameter Container = .840″ Printing Area
  • 1.50″ Diameter Container = 1.210″ Printing Area
  • 2″ Diameter Container = 1.460″ Printing Area
  • 2.50″ Diameter Container = 1.960″ Printing Area

Step Five: Color Choice

Our small plastic containers are offered in dozens of different color options, these include opaque, neon, and transparent colors. Our hot stamp foils are also offered in a wide variety of options as well. These include either metallic or non-metallic color choices.

Your container and foil color choice are very important, as certain color combos are not recommended. An example of this would be if you have a dark color container with non-metallic light colored foil, the colors will bleed together and will not turn out as desired. Along with this, some foils have printing issues if artwork or container choice is too large. Our sales team is always available to you if you have questions about container and foil color options.

Step Six: Submit Order To LAContainer

After all artwork, container, and color decisions have been made and you are satisfied with your design, please send an email to: or call us at: 714-694-0101 to get the order started.

Once your artwork is submitted, we create an electronic black and white proof of what the finished product will look like. This proof is then sent back to you for your signed approval. Customers should be sure they are satisfied with the proof as no refunds or returns will be accepted after proof is approved.

With your proof approved we are on to our favorite step, Purchasing! All customers are required to pay for: Containers, Hot Stamping and plates. A one time plate fee is added to those orders using a new art design and will be re applied every time a new art design is made. Along with this, first time customers must pay 50 percent down and the remaining balance when the order is completed.

Additional Charges

There will be no additional charges if the above instructions are followed. All prices for hot stamping are subject to approval of your artwork. Feasibility for production is decided by our production staff.

Additional Assistance

If in doubt, send us a rough sketch or mock up before preparing your finalized art. Our staff is always happy to make recommendations to maximize your satisfaction and minimize additional expenses.



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